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Monday, September 05, 2011

Travel : Jakarta - Singapore - Shanghai

Day 1 - August 27, 2011
Jakarta - Singapore - Shanghai

During Idul Fitri Holidays we had a trip to China for 8 days.  There were 16 of us and 1 Indonesian Tour Guide. We visited several cities like Hangzhou, Huangshan, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Shanghai.  Why China?  Because China has many remarkable places to visit for its sceneries, cultures, and histories.  

As the Chinese says :

Zhu zai Hangzhou (Living in Hangzhou) --> for its beautiful green city
Chi zai Guangzhou (Eating in Guangzhou) --> for its delicious food and culinary
Chuan zai Suzhou (Wearing in Suzhou) --> for its high quality silk
Zui zai Guizhou (Drinking in Guizhou) --> for its beer and rice wine
Si zai Liuzhou (Die in Liuzhou) --> for its good quality mahogany wood for coffins

So in this trip we visited 2 cities of the above saying - Hangzhou and Suzhou.

Our flight was :
SQ 987 - CGK - SIN - 15:15 - 17:50

We were so happy as some of us were upgraded to Business Class, including me. Yippie ...

Our connecting flight to Shanghai would be after midnight.  As we didn't want to stay at the airport waiting, some of us went to Marina Bay Sands, some went to Orchard Road for shopping, some met their friends down in the city, etc.  As agreed we met at Terminal 3 Changi Airports around 23:30 at the latest for boarding.

Here are some photos taken at Marina Bay Sands.  Such a grand place to visit.

Restaurants and Cafe

I love the reflection of this cafe on the water :)

Branded Boutiques and Exclusive Shops

There is a food court for not-so-expensive food.  It serves various foods such as Chinese Food, Thai Food, Indian Food, Melayu Food, etc

We went back to Changi Airport around 22:00 and still got time for shopping before boarding.

Our connecting filight to Shanghai was :
SQ826 - SIN - PVG - 01:15 - 06:35

I was so tired and tried to get some sleep, but couldn't sleep at all.  At 03:00 before dawn, we had very early breakfast.  No appetite.

We arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the morning.  Custom at Immigration and baggage claim were OK.

We met Mr. Ho, our Chinese Tour Guide, and Mr. Fu, the Driver, who would accompany us for the whole trip.

to be continued



Veny said...

wahh lucy jalan2 lagi
ntar g baca2 deh
as usual poto nya bagus2 , seneng de liatnya
ikut tour apa ?

GeGe said...

iya ven, foto lucy bagus2 pake SLR sih, gak kek kita, cukup pake pocket jdnya hslnya jg std wkwkwk...

v1olet said...

Ada yg pake SLR, tp ada juga yg pake compact. Tergantung suasana. Kalau pake SLR emang lebih bagus sih ...

v1olet said...

@ Veny : ikut Best Tour. group temen2 sekantor semua.