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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Travel : Hangzhou - Long Jing Green Tea

Day 2 : August 28, 2011

Long Jing Green Tea

 We were at the tea plantation to taste the local green tea called Long Jing Green Tea, meaning Dragon Well Green Tea.  This kind of green tea is good for our health as it could cleanse the toxin in our body.  

How to enjoy this Long Jing Green Tea?  When you brew the roasted loose tea, the first water should be thrown to cleanse the tea leaves.  

Then pour again a hot water of  75 degree Celcius and let it cool to 50 degree Celcius.  That's the best temperature to enjoy this tea. Yes, it's still hot.  Try to sip it slowly and enjoy the fresh aroma. You can drink not only the tea water but also eat the tea leaves too.  
The best Long Jing Green Tea is the first harvested tea in March. It's the prime superior roasted loose tea and the color is more yellowish green. 
The second harvested is in April.  It's the special quality for roasted loose tea and the color is less yellowish green . The loose tea was packed in a tin can.
The third harvested tea in May would only be good for tea bag, not loose tea.  The color is green. As it is in a tea bag, you cannot chew and eat the tea leaves. 

Some people would add some other herbs to enrich the taste, healing power, and other functions.  We tried 2-3 cups of this tea.  It's really refreshing and the aroma was gentle.

Mendung-mendung ngeteh sore.  Sudah hangat, foto-foto dulu ahhhh ....

to be continued


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