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Monday, September 12, 2011

Travel : Hangzhou - The Story of Cakwe

Day 2 : August 28, 2011


Monument of General Yue Fei

The Entrance

Walking in the rain at the Monument of General Yue Fei

General Yue Fei is the legend in Hangzhou.  Who is General Yue Fei?  Eight hundred years ago, General Yue Fei was the most successful general in Hangzhou.  How did he become so famous?  At the age of 8 he learned martial arts in Shaolin.  At the age of 18 he joined the army. Her mother tattooed his back "be loyal to the king, be loyal to your homeland".  At the age of 28 he became General and always gained victory in every war he led.  At that time, The King really honored him. General Yue  Fei was stationed in Kai Feng.

As time went by, The King had some concerns.  Actually the present King was not the real king.  He became The King because his elder brother was arrested by enemy.  If General Yue Fei would win over the enemy, his elder brother would be release. He should give back the throne as the king to his elder brother.  On the other hand the Prime Minister named Chang Hui was jealous with General Yue Fei.  He advised the King to summoned General Yue Fei to Hangzhou.  The King sent his order with a bar of gold.  Yet General Yue Fei didn't come to Hangzhou.  After the king sent 12 bars of gold, then General Yue Fei went to Hangzhou together with his son.  When he arrived at Hangzhou, Chang Hui and his wife, arranged a false witness in a court.  Under false accusation, General Yue Fei and his son were sentenced to death and executed.  He died at the age of 39.

People were angry and protested to the king so that Chang Hui, his wife, the judge, and the false witness were punished  to death.  Everytime people passed by their graves, people always spit on them. And because of hatred to Chang Hui and his wife, people in Hangzhou made Cakwe, a bread that was sliced in the middle, deep fried in a very hot oil, and parted in two to eat. Cakwe was named after Chang Hui and his wife.  Now you know the history of Cakwe. 

In this monument there is the tomb of General Yue Fei and his son, a big statue of General Yue Fei, and 4 statue of Chang Hui, his wife, the judge, and false witness.

General Yue Fei's Hand Writing -- his philosophy and war strategies. 

one more ...

General Yue Fei's signature


It was still raining when we left The Monument of General Yue Fei ....

Do you want to taste Cakwe made in Hangzhou ?  Cakwe was sold everywhere here, even in KFC.  So we went to KFC to buy some Cakwe.  How did it taste?  Hm.... to me, it's not as delicious as Indonesian Cakwe.  Do you know why?  Because people in Hangzhou make Cakwe out of hatred to Chang Hui and his wife.  No wonder it tastes like that. While people in Indonesia make Cakwe happily not knowing the story behind ha ha ha ... Seriously, Indonesian Cakwe, e.g. Cakwe Medan is dangerously delicious.  Die-die must try, lahhh ....

Cakwe KFC yg rasanya "B" ajah ... 
Lagian, jagonya ayam disuruh bikin cakwe, maksa sihhh  ...

Mending makan yg ini nih ... egg tart yg di atasnya dikasih potongan buah apricot.  Enak deh, apalagi saat hari hujan seperti ini, makan egg tart panas-panas, sambil minum hot chocolate, mantep bener!


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