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Friday, September 16, 2011

Travel : Hangzhou - The Impression of West Lake

Day 2 : August 28, 2011

The Impression of West Lake

What makes this show so special?
- It is an outdoor performance, starts in the evening at 8 pm, runs 365 days per year, even if it's raining, or snowing.
- It is performed on the water of West Lake, Hangzhou 
- The stage is just several centimeters depth in the water and it's grand, amazing, extravagant, and beautiful
- The Director is Zhang Yi Mou
- The music is arranged by Kitaro
- The singer is Zhang Liang Ying
- The story is taken from the local legend, The White Snake Legend

Some said that this show was too difficult to understand. Actually the story has 6 parts :
1. Bai Su Chen (White Snake Lady) met Xu Xian the Scholar
2. They fell in love
3. They got married
4. The monk intervened to their love life
5. They parted.  Bai Su Chen was casted in a Leifeng Pagoda.
6. They met again in their after life.

The entrance ticket was RMB 280 (not included in our tour program, it's optional).

It was raining when we got there, so a plastic rain coat was provided when we bought the ticket.  It was still raining when the show began, so we were wearing those rain coat.  Wahhhh ... it was difficult to take photos.  Fortunately, the rain stopped until the show ended. 

This show was magnificent, impressive, romantic, and very entertaining. It's worth-watching.  If you have a chance visiting Hangzhou, I recommend you to watch this show.

Some photos taken during the show

Back to the Amethys Hotel.  I really enjoyed all the programs of this day. 
I wonder if this day could be the best day in our trip.

The next day would be our trip to Huangshan Mountain.  We packed our clothes and things for 1 day and 1 night only in a backpack / small bag.  Our big luggage would be left in the bus until the next day.

to be continued



Veny said...

iya ini show dont missed it kl kesana yah
selaen di Hangzhou show ini juga ada di LiJIang Yunnan
kl di hangzhou perform nya di danau kl di Lijiang di atas gunung
dua2 bgs krn dibuat sutradara beken Zhang Ji Mao yah?
saya liat yg di LiJiang . keren spectacullar juga .

v1olet said...

betul, show ini bagus dan spektakular. sy baru lihat yg di Hangzhou ini, yg di Lijiang Yunnan mudah2an ada kesempatan ke situ.

tapi shownya Zhang Yi Mao ini rada sulit dimengerti jalan ceritanya. kita sudah terpesona dengan tarian, panggung di atas air, dan lampu yg artistik, jadi gak mikirin jalan cerita. apalagi saya yg nonton sembari jeprat-jepret cari moment bagus.

Impression of West Lake benar2 mengesankan.

Veny said...

yg Impression of LiJiang intinya crt kehidupan aneka ragam suku disana . Krn tmp itu (LiJIang Yunnan) emang daerah China yg terbanyak suku minoritasnya . bener2 impressif yah liat shownya
saya juga udah terpesona liat sgt bny pndukung n tari2nya . trus moto2 wahahaaa
kapan2 saya mau ke HangZhou mau liat show ini juga .