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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Singapore Trip : Gardens By The Bay - Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest, Gardens By The Bay
Singapore, November 1, 2016

Cloud Forest4-1818rw

Gardens By The Bay Singapore is a great place to visit.  I should say that it is a must-visit attraction for tourists while in Singapore.  Information about these gardens is very well explained in the gardensbythebay website.  But some say, seeing is believing, so you've got to be here to see yourself how wonderful these gardens are, and be one of 40 million visitors to date.

There are 2 conservatories in Gardens By The Bay, namely Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.  Other attractions are Supertree Groove, OCBC Skyway, Bay East Garden, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, Heritage Gardens, World of Plants, Sun Pavilion, and many more.  These gardens were beautifully designed for displaying more than 1 million plants. There are some restraurants, cafe, and souvenir shops, too.

Standard Rate - Two Conservatories
Adult/Senior: $28
Child (3-12 years old): $15

When is the best time to visit ?  Everyday ... Everytime from 9 am to 9 pm ... morning, noon, afternoon, even in the evening ... you will enjoy different experiences. 

I will show you some pictures taken in Cloud Forest, and in the next posting pictures in Flower Dome.

The Cloud Forest Dome has an ideal temperature for plants and visitors too.  Indoor temperature range is 23°C to 25°C. 

I was amazed by the world's tallest indoor waterfall at 35 meters.

Cloud Forest1-1756rw
35 meters tall indoor waterfall

Cloud Forest2-1762rw

Cloud Forest12-1837rw

Cloud Forest9-1834rw

Cloud Forest13-1839rw

Cloud Forest10-1835rw

Then I walked and explored some tropical plants, ferns, and flowers such as orchids, fuchias, and many more. They were very pretty in shapes and colours.

DSCF1766-Bunga Terompet1rw

DSCF1771 Yellow Flower2rw

DSCF1780 bunga pink1rw

DSCF1787 bunga kuningjingga1rw

DSCF1791 fuchia1rw

DSCF1792 fuchia white1rw

DSCF1793 bunga ungu1rw

DSCF1800 bunga ungu1rw

DSCF1804 bunga kuning1

DSCF1806 anggrek1rw

DSCF1810 anggrekpink1rw

DSCF1827 cattleya1rw

DSCF1866 bungahijau1rw

DSCF1867 begonia1rw

DSCF1869 begonia3rcw

Cloud Forest6-1820rw

Cloud Forest3-1817rw

Just walked through the Cloud Walk and Treetop Walk to enjoy the surreal mist.  Mist Timings are at 10.00am, 12.00pm, 2.00pm, 4.00pm, 6.00pm, 8.00pm daily.  Don't miss it.

Cloud Forest7-1825crw
Overlooking Supertree Groove from Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest16-1844rw
Mist in Cloud Forest Dome

Cloud Forest17-1845rw

Cloud Forest18-1846rw

Cloud Forest19-1848rw
Singapore Flyer Through the window in Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest22-1854rw

Cloud Forest23-1855rw

Cloud Forest25-1863rw

Cloud Forest26-1874rw

Glad to be here ... super cool !

Next posting : Flower Dome

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Blood Moon

Super Blood Moon
31 January 2018

Mahkota Simprug, Ciledug, Tangerang, Indonesia

20:58 WIB

Super Blood Moon Lunar  31 January 2018, 20:58 WIB

21:01 WIB

Super Blood Moon1-2654cw

21:02 WIB

Super Blood Moon3-2656crw

21:04 WIB

Super Blood Moon7-2660crw

Senang dan bersyukur karena bisa foto kejadian 100 tahun sekali.

Sungguh indah ciptaan Allah Yehuwa.
Langit menceritakan kehebatanMu.


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Singapore Trip : River Safari

River Safari, Singapore
80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826 
November 1, 2016

5River Safari-1544erw

I went to Singapore for medical check up.  However, I left for Singapore two days earlier than my medical appointment so that I had time for shopping, meeting my childhood friend, and visiting Singapore awesome theme parks.  I stayed at Jen Orchardgateway Hotel, Singapore.  As a solo traveler, I had many options of most suitable and convenient mode of transportation such as MRT, bus, taxi meter, and even online taxi such as Uber and Grab can be ordered from the hotel lobby.  They provide the devices to make us easier to order.

So, the agenda was exploring River Safari and Garden by the Bay, both are very iconic theme park to visit.

River Safari is the Asia's First and Only River-themed Wildlife Park.  You can visit the website of River Safari for more detail. As you might know, River Safari is one of  the four Wildlife Reserves in Singapore. The other 3 are Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and Jurong Bird Park.  Believe me, these 4 theme parks are worth to explore.

2Singapore Zoo-1536rw

I got there before the ticketing counter open, yes I came too early.  They open 10.00 am - 7.00 pm every day of the year.  I took some photos outside - the entrance, some flowers ... etc

1Singapore Zoo-1535crw



The River Safari Combo Tourist Admission Ticket was SGD 30.00 for adult.  With a directory map, I could explore The River of The World such as Mekong River, Mary River, Mississippi River, Yangtze River with over 6000 land and aquatic animals, and Giant Panda Forest.  Here are some photos taken during my journey.

Mekong Giant Catfish at Mekong River Exhibit





Giant Panda Forest is the ace of this park.  It's a bio-dome with a temperature of 16-24 degree Celcius, simulating the natural climate as the home for Giant Panda - Kai Kai (male Panda), Jia Jia (female Panda) and Red Panda.  They were very cute, but please refrain from making any noise, not to scream no matter how cute they were.

I spent most my time here, taking photos and video of Pandas, reading the facts about Panda and amazed to learn that :
- An adult Panda eats 20 kg of bamboo which is equal to 100 bowls of rice in weight. wowwww !
- Other daily diet for Panda are 1 kg of high fiber biscuits, 400 g carrots, 200 g apples. Oww man... they have good appetite !
- Giant Panda and Red Panda have extra digits that function as thumbs to hold bamboo
- Panda is solitary animal. The female mate only once a year during breeding season, between March and May.  That's why Kai Kai and Jia Jia live in separate sections.
- Adult Pandas weigh 100 kg and live up to 30 years in zoos, but live only 14-20 years in wild
- There is a Black and White Story - a Tibetan Folklore, you can read it when you are here.  It's very funny :)

Panda's activities are eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep, play, .... eat, sleep, play ... what a nice life :)

Red Panda at Giant Panda Forest

14Red Panda3-1570rw

16Red Panda5-2erw

Kai Kai the Male Panda, born on 14 September 2007 in China, he has a small pointy tuft of fur on his head ("Onion Head").  He is obedient and stable.  His favorite treat are apples.

19Giant Panda Kai Kai3-1579crw

Jia Jia the female Panda, born on 4 September 2008 in China, she has a narrower black shoulder band.  She is playful and affectionate.  Her favorite treat are carrots.

28Giant Panda Jia Jia1-1599crw

30Giant Panda Jia Jia3-1620crw

After having my camera played with pandas, I went to Mama Panda Kitchen - a must try Panda Pao with the red beans filling and hot coffee or chocolate with a panda drawing.

35Panda Cafe5-1650rw

31Panda Cafe1-rw

32Panda Cafe2-1634rw

Others animal I captured was a cute porcupine.



and bird ...


I took a 15 minute River Safari Cruise along Upper Seletar Reservoir (included in admisson ticket). The guide told us that if we're lucky we might spot herons or storks, but unfortunately we're not that lucky. All we saw just green trees along the river.

43River Safari Cruise4-1669rw

41River Safari Cruise2-1661rw

44River Safari Cruise5-1675rw

47Yellow Flowers1-1667rw

Then, I drop in on  Wild Amazonia and walked through this forest to see some monkeys, e.g. Squirrel Monkey, Brown tufted Capuchin, and Red Howler Monkey, and many more






My last section was Amazon Flooded Forest, the world's largest freshwater aquarium for 18 majestic animal species e.g. manatee, catfish, arapaima, river otters, and piranhas.

House of Kai Kai and Jia Jia is the souveniers shop where you can buy cute toys, key chains, luggage tags, pins, hair pins, and many more cute panda souveniers.  I bought some key chains and other cute souveniers of Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

That's the end of my journey in River Safari.  It truly satisfied my belly (Panda Pau and hot coffee), my eyes, my soul, as well as my camera.  This Theme Park is so worth to visit, you won't regret it.  Highly recommended !

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