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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Film : K-Drama - Lee Soon Shin Is The Best

  • Title: 최고다 이순신 / Choigoda Leesoonshin
  • Also known as: You're the Best Lee Soon Shin / You Are The Best!
  • Genre: Family, romance, melodrama, comedy
  • Episodes: 50
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Mar-09 to 2013-Aug-25

Cast :

Synopsis :
Lee Soon Shin goes through hardships after the death of her father. Soon Shin and her mother struggle to find happiness. Her love story continues in the mist of ups and downs of her life.

Lee Soon Shin is the youngest member of a successful family. Despite her family′s successes, however, she seems to have failed to inherit any talent, and is marked as an oddball though she remains a bright, lively and courageous girl. She then meets the head of an agency named Shin Joon Ho, and he turns her life around.

Shin Joon Ho is a confident, cold and competitive man who changes later after he begins to understand the real meaning of success through Lee Soon Shin.

source :
dramaWiki - Lee Soon Shin is the Best
hancinema - Lee Soon-sin is the Best

v1olet's comment :
Cerita : family drama 50 episode lumayan panjang, tapi ceritanya menarik dan suka nontonnya.  Romancenya bukan cuma sepasang, tapi langsung 3 pasang.  Terus terang yg paling seru adalah pasangan Yu Shin dan Chan Woo, lucu perjalanan cintanya dan keduanya pintar menghadapi tentangan keluarga.  Untuk pasangan Soon Shin dan Jun Ho malah bikin geregetan.  Kalau suka family drama yg rada panjang, boleh deh nonton serial ini.

Cast : OK lah ... IU salah satu alasan saya nonton serial ini.  Lumayan juga nih ... nyanyi bagus, acting juga not bad.

Ending : Happy
Song Mi Ryung pindah ke kota kecil di pantai dan hidup tenang.  Soon Shin jadi bintang film terkenal, banyak memerankan film.  Jun Ho akan melamar.  Yu Shin dan Chan Woo punya anak dan hidup rukun bahagia bersama mertua.  Woo Joo, anak Hye Shin, bisa menerima Jin Wook sebagai ayah tirinya.  Happy semua.

Rating : 8/10


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