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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Korean Drama : Queen of Reversals

  • Title: 역전의 여왕 / Yeokjeonui Yeowang
  • Also known as: Queen of Reversals
  • Previously known as: 눈물의 여왕 / Queen of Tears
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 31
  • Broadcast Network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Oct-18 to 2011-Feb-01 
Cast :

Synopsis (edited by v1olet) :
Hwang Tae Hee is the team leader at R&D Department of Queen Cosmetic Company. She is married to Bong Joon Soo who works as her subordinate at the same company. Little does she know that Bong Joon Soo's ex-girlfriend, Baek Yeo Jin, also works in her team and happens to be Hwang Tae Hee's rival. Troubles start to surface and Tae Hee is forced to resign from the company. After 5 years being a housewife, Tae Hee re-joins the Queen company through a competition and is assigned to special team under the supervision of Goo Yong Shik, the illegitimate son of Queens' owner. Tae Hee has to juggle her challenges in love with those in work, helping shape her boss and department director, Goo Yong Shik, from an insensitive and uninterested second generation chaebol to a true leader. Tae Hee's seeming success in love, however, presents her with another problem as she begins to realize that marriage involves just as many obstacles to overcome.

Awards :

source : Queen of Reversals

My comment :
Sesuai judulnya kondisi awal jadi terbolak-balik.  Yg boss belakangan jadi anak buah, yg anak buah malah jadi boss.  Yg tadinya musuh bebuyutan, akhirnya jadi temenan. Yg tadinya benci jadi demen, yg demen jadi benci. Yg tadinya jadi main lead, eh ... malah berbalik jadi second lead.  Yg second lead jadi naik pangkat ke main lead. Begitulah he he he ...

Ini drama romance komedi dengan setting dunia kerja, perusahaan kosmetik.  Porsi romancenya lumayan banyak dan porsi komedinya juga banyak.  Bukan cuma main lead yg lucu, tapi teman-teman sekerja mereka juga lucu dan ramai.  Pemainnya memang bukan yg muda-muda, tapi second lead-nya, Park Si Ho, lumayan segar bugar.  Makanya belakangan dia jadi naik pangkat menggeser posisi main lead. Ha ha ha ... cuma di Queen of Reversal yg kayak begini jadi sah-sah saja ...

Dengar-dengar mustinya serial ini cuma 20 episode, tapi atas permintaan pemirsa, diperpanjang jadi 31 episode.  Bolehlah ... asal jalan cerita enggak rusak.  Walaupun di sana-sini ada yg tidak masuk akal menurut saya, tapi serial ini masih termasuk OK lah ...

Ending : happy as expected !
Rating : 8/10


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