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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food : Extra Fine Javanese Chocolate SOKLAT INYONG

Investor Daily, 25th October 2010, page 7

BKPM recorded, seven foreign investors will build cocoa factories in Indonesia with total investment of about U.S. $ 350 million in 2011. The capacity of each mill is 50,000 tons. They are ADM Cocoa (Singapore), Guanchong Cocoa (Malaysia), Olam International (Singapore), Cargill (USA), Mars (USA), Armajaro (UK), and Ferrero (Italy).

I always think the best chocolate are made in Belgium, Switzerland, French, or most European countries, but in fact that they are not the largest cocoa producers.

The 8 largest cocoa producing countries (data for harvest in 2005)

1. Ivory Coast (Pantai Gading) (38%)
2. Ghana (19%)
3. Indonesia (13%, most of the cocoa bulk)
4. Nigeria (5%)
5. Brazil (5%)
6. Cameroon (5%)
7. Ecuador (4%)
8. Malaysia (1%)
Other countries produce 9% of the rest.

Last week-end I went to a leading Supermarket in Jakarta, The Food Hall, and found a variety of  Extra Fine Javanese Chocolate "INYONG" which is made in Purwokerto, Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia. Frankly speaking, I've never thought and never tasted this javanese chocolate before.

In Javanese dialect, Soklat means chocolate and Inyong means I am, Me, or My.  Soklat Inyong means My Chocolate.

The packaging is quite interesting, unique, and  traditionally authentic with wayang character on it. Soklat Inyong has a variety of flavors, products, and sizes.  Here is the website of  Soklat Inyong

Praline Edition Taste of Soklat Inyong :
- CLASSICHO : clasical with chocolate filling: coffee, caramel, cappuccino, mint, vanilla, cream cheese, almonds, cashews, etc. 
- ETNICHO : dark chocolate filling with traditional snacks: Nopia, Jenang Jacket, dodol, enting gepuk / peanuts, etc. 
- EXOTICHO : with special taste chocolate filling: ginger, nutmeg, cinamon, green beans, lemon tea, green tea, carrots, etc. 
- Fruit FIESTA : dark chocolate filling with fruit: mango, grape, lemon, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, orange, honeydew melon, soursop, etc.

The price is not cheap. It's about USD 3.5 - about the same price as Lindt Chocolate of the same size.

If you want to taste Indonesian Authentic Soklat,  Inyong recommend you to try some ....



VanillaSeven said...

Very interesting chocolate! Nice packaging too.. very local feel to it, maybe bcoz of the "wayang"

v1olet said...

yup. There is a description of the wayang character at the backside of the packaging. It's interesting.

Diana Cecilia said...

well made. nice concept. ough, i got some ideas because of this little creative thing. thanks